Going to school in Ghana is expensive and even though children from poor families and orphans do not pay school fees, they still need pens, pencils, exercise books, shoes and uniforms. Purchasing these articles is very difficult for these children who have very little or no financial support from their parents. Often brothers and sisters are forced to share the family’s only pencil during lessons.

Akwaaba Esaase is looking for people who are willing to sponsor these children in order to be able to provide them with all of the equipment they need for school.

The academic year in Ghana is divided into three terms (trimesters). Each trimester costs 85 Euros (130 CHF) per child attending primary school and 95 Euros (145 CHF) per child attending secondary school. This money covers the school fee, school materials and the uniform as well as all meals during the trimester.

As a sponsor you will automatically become a member of the organization
“Akwaaba Esaase” and regularly echange letters with your sponsored child.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these children, please contact us!
(See section ‘Contact Us’)