The “Esaase Christian School and Orphanage” (ECSO) is a privately-run school and orphanage which was founded in 1996 by Mr Kwabena Boateng. The school is located in a small village called Esaase, in the province of Ashanti, approximately 15 kilometers from Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city.

Currently over 500 pupils between the age of three and fifteen attend the school which comprises a nursery, some pre-school classes, six primary and three lower secondary school classes. The school complex also has a dormitory which houses the school’s 150 orphans as well as other pupils from the region who live too far away to travel to and from school every day.

Children from poor families and orphans attending the ECSO are not obligated to pay the school fees. Furthermore, families experiencing temporarily financial difficulties can obtain a reduction their annual school fees, also for the current school term.

The pupils follow the state’s education program during their schooling in preparation for the final leaving exams. All classes are taught in English, the official language of Ghana, apart from foreign language lessons, like the local language Twi or French.

The subjects taught at the school are Mathematics, English, French, Information Technology, Religion, Environmental Studies, Science and Sport.

The school is officially recognized by the Ghanaian Education Service and registered under the following number: ADA/PR/P/97/3.

ECSO currently does not receive any subsidies, neither from the national government nor from any organizations other than “Akwaaba Esaase“. The school survives thanks to the incredible dedication and hard work of Mr Boateng and his family.

The school fees paid by some of the pupils’ families are only minimal and do not even cover the cost of running the school. The school fees are primarily used to pay the teacher’s salary and to cover the schools expenses such as electricity etc.

At the moment, Mr Boateng cultivates two fields (cocoa and maize) as well as an orange farm which enables him to feed the children, in particular the orphans, living on site in the dormitory. Before and after school many of the older children help him to take care of the fields. Depending on the season, they harvest, beat and dry the maize or tend to the orangery and cocoa plantation. However, despite this back-breaking labor, the school has to fight constantly to survive financially. Unfortunately there have been occasions when children have had to be sent back home due to a lack of food or spare beds.

Since August 2005 the school has welcomed a number of volunteer workers from Europe, America and Australia. They work both independently as well as in cooperation with the local teachers (see the section ‘Volunteer Work’).

With the arrival of the first volunteer workers the idea was born to support the school by founding Akwaaba Esaase and establishing a range of goals (see the section ‘Goals’) to improve their lifes.

Pictures of school activities: