A range of different projects have been realized since the summer of 2005:

  • Between 2006 and 2007 a medical centre was constructed and equipment to provide first aid. This enables now children from the school and local village to benefit from the necessary infrastructure. Furthermore, a doctor from a neighboring village visits the school on a regular basis.


    • The construction of four new classrooms began in June 2005 and was completed in March 2006. Benches and tables were also installed for the primary school classes.

      Sept. 2005: The kids of the class \

      • In January 2006 the volunteers’ building was completed.

      • A library was constructed and filled with English language books.

        • Between February and March 2006 the water supply infrastructure to the school was improved. The school now has access to running water which is fed from underground springs into the nearby reservoir using the new electric pump.

          • A generator was bought to supply the school with electricity.

            • In November 2006 a cocoa plantation was bought and the young crop planted to help the school to become financially independent and self-sufficient in the near future.

              • Between May and June 2006 ventilation fans were fitted to the ceiling of the Information Technology room and the electrical wiring was improved.

                • The construction of dormitories for the school’s orphans and resident pupils, which began in June 2006, was completed in the summer of 2007. The dormitories were also equipped with mosquito nets and fans.

                  • The sanitation infrastructure in the school was improved. The shower block comprising 12 showers and toilets was completed in January 2008. This project was mainly sponsored by two foundations based in the Swiss province of Neuchâtel, and by an Australian organization.

                    • In July 2008 a container from Europe arrived at the “ESCO” school. It held beds, clothes, games, school materials, medication and a lot more useful items which we take for granted.

                      • A kitchen was added in July 2008.  In addition, some benches, 200 metal plates, 2 pots and a kitchen cabinet were donated by a foundation named “Elysium”.

                        • In October 2009, new shelves for the library and a cupboard for each classroom were added. Some of the materials which had arrived in the container from Europe could be stored on these shelves.

                          • Two new school buses were bought in the summer of 2008 and in April 2009. The first acquisition replaced the previous old and damaged bus. Then, because the school grew from 400 to about 520 students, the second school bus was needed. They are used in order to get the students to school safely and on time.

                            • In February 2010, new school books were bought with the money earned from the calendar sale. Those books are for the primary classes and the junior secondary school. Many thanks to everyone who bought a calendar and/or participated in any form in that project.

                            • In 2010, it was possible to buy two machines to provide distilled water. Ever since then, distilled water is produced at the school, wrapped in AE bags and sold in the neighboring villages. For now, only one filter-machine is in use because we are still without a van to transport the bags to the point of sale.