• By sponsoring one of our projects: You can choose the project you wish to support and you will receive regular updates on its progress (see section ‘Future Projects’).

  • By sponsoring a child: (see section ‘Sponsorship’)

  • By working as a volunteer at the school ECSO in Esaase (Ghana):
    (see section ‘Voluntary Work’)

  • By making a donation: The school is happy to accept donations of all kinds. However, the following are particularly useful:

    • reading books written in English or French,

    • exercise books,

    • sports equipment,

    • computers,

    • pens,

    • pencils,

    • rubbers,

    • felt-tip pens,

    • coloring pencils,

    • rulers,

    • scissors,

    • glue sticks etc.

Financial donations are also very welcome.
Please contact us if you wish to make a donation (see section ‘Contact Us’).

  • By becoming a member of Akwaaba Esaase:
    You can support the school and its projects with your enthusiasm and ideas! Please contact us if you are interested in a free membership with “Akwaaba Esaase” (see section ‘Contact Us’).

  • By corresponding with a pupil at the ESCO: All children enjoy the possibility of writing to children of the same age who live in different parts of the world about which they know next to nothing. It is surely a very rewarding experience for anyone to be able form a connection in this way and to find out more about the way of life on the other side of the globe.

    If you are interested in having a pen pal in Ghana, please write a letter and send it directly to the school in Ghana (see section “Contact Us”). The school will then find a pupil who will respond to your letter as soon as possible.