The organization aims to implement the following projects:

    • Construction and establishment of a vocational school:
      Many of the children who have finished ESCO do not have enough funds to visit one of the local high schools. They stay at home and manage the household or they do nothing at all. By attending a vocational school, the children are able to complete an apprenticeship, such as baker, tailor, mechanic, etc.

      In 2009 the construction of the building was started and finally in November 2012 the vocational school was inaugurated. However, there are still a large number of things missing like school supplies, electricity etc. Registration fees need to be paid in order to enable the school to be “officially” opened and recognized. Students will then receive a diploma which is officially recognized all over Ghana.

  • Find sponsors to finance the orange farm until it becomes self-financing.

  • Repair the roof of the Esaase Christian School and Orphanage

  • Provide teachers and pupils with the necessary school materials like paper, exercise books, note books, scientific equipment, books on teaching practice, pens, as well as sports equipment such as basketballs, footballs, volleyballs,…
    If you wish to donate any of the above, please contact us!

  • Find resources to cover the cost of the local teachers

Please contact us if you wish to sponsor one or more of these projects!