1. Projects :

  • Cocoa farm :

A clever link between the chocolate makers from here and the cocoa trees from over there! (part 4)

First cocoa harvest is due for this autumn !!!!!

For a few years now, the confectioners of Neuchâtel and of the French part of Switzerland have been supporting our cocoa farm thanks to the apprentices’ championship in canton de Vaud in May and to the Chocolate festival in Neuchâtel in autumn.

In October 2011, this festival celebrated the famous batz (the old currency of Neuchâtel) that was made in different kinds of chocolates for the “New Bitter Batz Competition”. The audience has been invited to visit different chocolate techniques workshops and vote for the best batz. The total profit of the sale of the batz made by the confectioners (1200 CHF) has been donated to Akwaaba Esaase. A huge thanks to the Neuchâtel confectioners association and to the town Museum of Art and History that has allowed the public to know about our actions in Ghana during this beautiful day !

In Crissier, for the third consecutive year, the confectioners’ apprentices of canton de Vaud have shown all their talent during the 2012 competition. This year the topic was the 125th anniversary of the Swiss Confectioners Union. This year, only the students of 2nd and 3rd grade participated but it didn’t prevent them to make more chocolate bars than ever before! Indeed, we sold around 1000 chocolate bars for a total profit of 5500 CHF! This amount will be used for the cocoa farm (farmers’ salaries) and also for the vocational school project. Congratulations to all the apprentices and a great many thanks to the Confectioners association of the French part of Switzerland!

For further information: www.lesconfiseursromands.ch


  • Vocational / technical school

Here we go! The building is almost ready to welcome the first students this autumn! The electrical supplies and the furniture for every workshop classroom are the only things still missing. We hope that this second step will be completed by next school year.

Since the beginning of 2012, works have thus moved on quite fast: classrooms and outside walls have been painted, ceilings have been fixed, toilets have been installed, a septic waste hole has been dug and cemented and safety metal bars have been fastened to the doors and windows.


  1. Actions :

  • Second hand clothes sale

In collaboration with the Nantibatingou association which supports a school in Benin, we organized in 2011 (spring and autumn) and 2012 (spring), three “second hand clothes sale” with clothes, shoes and accessories for girls and women. We had a huge success during the three editions and the profit has grown from the first to the last one! Indeed, we have been able to raise 2000 CHF during these three events for the vocational school project.

  • Christmas trees and candles

The Lions Club of Val-de-Travers organizes every year a Christmas trees and candles sale to support a local association. In 2011, this club, who had already sponsored us in the past years, has decided to support Akwaaba Esaase once again. Therefore, on 17th December of last year, under a wonderful snow, we sold all the trees and almost all the candles before noon! The profit of the sale (3000 CHF!) was also allotted to the vocational school. A great many thanks to the Lions of Val-de-Travers!!!

  • Handicraft sale in Bern

The Marchés de l’Univers organized a market in Bern last March. Cool weather and cool reception from the Bernese people! Almost nobody, almost no sale, apart from Silvana’s beautifully decorated Eastern eggs!

  • Surprise pastries sale

At the end of school year 2011-2012, the students of the primary school of Vaumarcus (who sponsors a child in ECSO) have decided to support their pen pals through a pastries sale. With the help of their parents they baked cakes and pies and sold them during two days in front of the supermarket of the area. They made a huge surprise to their teachers and locals by giving the 1500 CHF profit of the sale to the association during the village festival! BRAVO AND THOUSAND THANKS TO THEM ALL !!!

  • 2013 calendar

After a pause of a couple of years, we propose again a brand new Akwaaba! calendar designed by Nicole ! The prices are 15 Euros, 20 CHF, 22 USD, 21 AUD, 15 £ or 22 CAD.

You may order yours by sending an e-mail to

debferrari@bluewin.ch or carnavaldubresil@hotmail.com

  • Children sponsorings

Good news: 4 new orphans have been sponsored since the beginning of 2012 and Elizabeth, a young woman sponsored for the last 5 years has completed her studies of cookery last summer and all this has been possible thanks to her sponsors !

Nevertheless, many children are still waiting to be sponsored for their studies…So, if you ever know someone who might be interested in sponsoring a child in Ghana, please tell them about Akwaaba Esaase!

  • Events - Not to miss

Sunday 4th November, Chocolate festival, Museum of Art and History, Neuchâtel (CH)

Like in the past two years, the chocolate festival will take place on the shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel in the beautiful Museum of Art and History. Be many to come, most of all with your kids as there will be tons of chocolate to be distributed for free!!!

Saturday 10th November, Inauguration of the Vocational school, Esaase, Ghana

At the beginning of November, a few members of the Akwaaba Esaase Association committee will go to Ghana to participate at the inauguration of the de “Vocational and Technical School”. We also hope to welcome an employee of the Swiss embassy in Accra…!

This stay will also give us the opportunity to update some files, visit the different farms (cocoa and orange) and create links with eventual future partners for the cocoa sale.

Charlotte and Debora

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