1. Projects :
Cocoa farm:
A clever link between the chocolate makers from here and the cocoa trees from over there!  (part 3)

The links between the confectioners of the French part of Switzerland and Akwaaba Esaase get tighter!! Several events have happened: in October 2010, the confectioners from the canton of Neuchâtel in partnership with the Art and History Museum of Neuchâtel organised the “Fête du Chocolat” at the museum. While the children had lots of fun breaking the chocolate paving designed by high school students and created by the confectioners, the confectioners were selling their specialities to raise money for our association.

Result of the experience: more than 1500.- for our cocoa farm project!!!!

Second event: like last year, we have taken part in the confectioners’ apprentices’ championship in canton de Vaud that took place again this year at the Léman Centre in Crissier near Lausanne. The cocoa farm official sponsors, namely the apprentices themselves, have truly impressed the audience with their pieces made of chocolate and other delicacies on the theme of fashion design. During the inauguration, four models, among whom was Miss Suisse Romande, made a great fashion show by parading with dresses made of… chocolate! During the two weeks that followed we sold even more chocolate bars than last year and the total sent to Ghana for the cocoa farm and the work on the future vocational school is of CHF 6000!!!!!!!!!!

So once again, congratulations to the confectioners’ apprentices for their wonderful creations and a huge thanks for their involvement in this project! BRAVO!!

For further information:         www.lesconfiseursromands.ch

And:                http://gallery.me.com/aeschli#100353

Beside these actions, we have been in touch with the company Felchlin AG in Schwyz in order to try to create a future partnership with this fair trade cocoa traders’ company. Indeed, when the first harvest takes place, it would be interesting as much for us as for the confectioners from the French part of Switzerland to make a chocolate couverture with “our” cocoa. As the confectioners already work with Felchlin, we went to Schwyz with Mr Jacot, confectioner in Val-de-Travers, to see what it would be possible to do in future. After a brief introduction of the association to the procurement managers, they seemed very interested in our project and are ready for a partnership if they can buy our cocoa. The issue is that in Ghana, only the government is allowed to sell cocoa to foreign companies. Only one producer has special treatment because he grows organic cocoa only. Therefore, if we are ever able to collaborate with this farmer, it will possible for felchlin to buy our cocoa. If not, we will have to look for other buyers. To be continued….

A big thanks to the confectioners of the French part of Switzerland for their trust and support!
Vocational/technical school

Work is making progress! Walls have been built, the roof has been put up and the window mouldings installed. We hope to open the school in September 2012, but for that, we still need funds to complete the work…. If you have any ideas, they are most welcom


2. Actions :

Ghanaian handicraft sale

Almost all of the craft items bought last summer in Ghana have been sold apart from the bags made in Esaase. They are indeed many and don’t have the same success as African jewels, sculptures and paintings. Nevertheless, thanks to all the markets we have been to, a huge sum of money has been raised through these sales. The best market has undoubtedly been the inauguration festival of the Millennium of the town of Neuchâtel during Easter weekend. Three days non stop allowed us to raise more than CHF 3000 for the vocational school project, mostly thanks to the drinks stall!!!!

A huge THANKS to all the volunteers who came to help us at the crafts and drinks stalls, especially to the ladies who came all the way from Germany!!!

Fundraising by sailing 600miles along the south coast of England!!

In August Emily Shrosbree raised £500 towards the vocational school project by collecting sponsorship for the Fastnet 2011. The Fastnet is a tough sailing race along the south coast of England and out into the Celtic Sea, taking about 5 days and covering 600miles! The race was great fun, and a bit of an adventure as we had a few problems with the boat and unfortunately had to retire. Despite not finishing the race, colleagues were very happy to donate their sponsorship money to such as good cause so the full amount was collected!

This was a great way to raise money for the association and I encourage anyone else participating in a challenging event to consider collecting sponsorship on behalf of Akwaaba Esaae!

Sponsored Children

4 orphans have found a sponsor since the beginning of 2011. Unfortunately, several children are still waiting for someone to support their studies… If you ever know somebody who might be interested in sponsoring a child in Ghana, tell them about our charity!

… And more others are still waiting for a sponsorship…………

Upcoming Events

Saturday 13th August from 2 pm until midnight, Place du Coq d’Inde, Neuchâtel (CH)

During the Buskers festival of Neuchâtel, the Marchés de l’Univers association will present the delicacies and crafts specialities from the associations and communities of the canton: Cambodia, Benin, Peru, Bosnia, Erythrea, Somalia, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Burkina Faso, Ghana: we will all be there!  Besides that, in the afternoon, you’ll be entertained by the gypsy band from Romania Shukar, a couple of Argentinian flamenco musicians and belly dance dancers. Come along and spread the word!

Have a nice end of summer!!

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