Akwaaba Esaase is a non-profit organisation which was founded in March 2007 in a Swiss town called Couvet. In August of the same year, a sister organisation of Akwaaba Esaase was created in Luxembourg.

The organisation’s aim is to help disadvantaged children in underdeveloped countries, especially in Ghana, with the main focus on the areas of education and vocational training.

Following a period of voluntary work at the “Esaase Christian School and Orphanage” (ECSO, formerly CHRISFOTEC) in Ghana, a group of former volunteer workers had the idea of founding “Akwaaba Esaase”. This decision was based on both their concern about the bad state the school was in, combined with the enthusiasm, warmth and dedication of the school’s owner, Mr Kwabena Boateng. Since the foundation of the organisation in 2007, a number of volunteers have been helping children, primarily orphans, from the Esaase community and its surrounding villages to receive the best education possible and free access to basic medical care.

The organisation is interested in helping the ECSO because the school is run in a sincere and professional manner by Mr Boateng. Every single cent donated is sent to Ghana and is used to realize projects which have been carefully planned in advance by the organisation in close cooperation with the school’s owner. The organisation’s philosophy is to help ECSO without interfering in their daily business at school, with the ultimate goal of leading them to financial independence through their own self-sustainable projects. Local people working at the school shall be able to implement their own ideas on improving the school, while at the same time conserving their own culture and, in the near future, becoming fully independent of additional financial aid.

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